Commitments & Expectations - LifeWorship

Our Commitments

  • We are committed to you as an individual and team, to provide training, encouragement and support.
  • We are committed to providing people with opportunities to grow, develop their giftings and be stretched by providing opportunities and constructive feedback.
  • We are committed to praying for you and the whole team.
  • We are committed to making sure the rota is completed with at least 2 weeks notice.
  • We are committed to providing regular team events and building community within the team.

Our Expectations

We expect you to be committed to:


  • Checking the songs for the Sunday and practicing them.
  • Coming on a Sunday with any resources you need (e.g. chord sheets, lyrics, headphones, spare batteries etc.).
  • Coming on a Sunday ready with a scripture or encouragement for the church/team (or even email the team in the week with any encouragements you have!).
  • Arriving in good time (Sundays 8.15am/8am if PA or Keyholder, Team Nights 7.30pm).


  • Dressing appropriately – we don’t want to be distraction to anyone.  (Smart trainers, t-shirts etc. are fine.  No ripped jeans or scruffy clothing, or anything revealing!)
  • Being actively and visually engaged whilst on stage (and off!), whether that is during the worship or while someone else is talking.  We can be a leader wherever we are!
  • Keeping the AV kit well maintained and the AV and stage areas tidy.


  • Practicing your instrument(s) regularly, including your voice!
  • Developing your technical understanding of the equipment and skill in using it.
  • Developing your musicianship and growing in playing skilfully (Psalm 33:3).
  • Investing in your relationship with God and your private worship.


  • Praying for the team.
  • Praying for LifeChurch.

Planning Center

  • Blocking out your unavailable dates on Planning Center by the 1st of the preceding month (e.g. for August availability, dates should be blocked out by 1st July).
  • Confirming dates on Planning Center within a week of receiving the request.
  • Taking responsibility if you are no longer able to play/sing/serve on your designated date by finding a replacement and informing the worship leader for that week.
  • Keeping your details up to date on Planning Center.


  • Attending team events and when unable to informing Chris or Nay as well as indicating on Planning Center.
  • Respecting those who have planned events by actively participating in them.
  • Taking ownership of events by assisting in the planning and being forthcoming in suggesting ideas for future events.
  • Being part of a LifeGroup, being committed to LifeChurch and talking to one of the leaders if you are struggling.