Fan The Flame (2013) - LifeWorship

Fan The Flame (2013)

In the silence You draw near
I can feel Your Spirit moving here
In Your presence I’m made whole
There’s a fire burning in my soul

Here and now You’re all I seek
I try to stand but I fall at Your feet
The sacrifice is what You chose
To set this fire raging in my soul

We’re burning with a fire that never fades
Uniting for the glory of Your name
So rise up, light up
Fan the flame, fan the flame
Wake up, stand up
Fan the flame, fan the flame

So Spirit come and shake the ground
Remove the chains from which this world is bound
Ignite an army that will stand
To light a fire blazing through this land

Eyes be opened, hearts be healed
Heaven come down, love break free
Truth be spoken, lives be changed

© 2013 Kom M & David Anderson