Highest Name (2016) - LifeWorship

Highest Name (2016)

We were hopeless, hopeless, a people searching for a Saviour
But then You found us, found us, and by Your blood You brought us near
We were broken, broken, a people bound to sin and darkness
But in Your mercy, mercy, You called us out into Your light

All honour, glory, power is Yours
All wisdom and salvation belongs to You
Christ alone, Christ alone
As Elders lay their crowns before
So we fall down in reverent awe of You
Christ alone, Christ alone
All praise belongs to You alone

We were ashes, ashes, but now we’re crowned with royal beauty
We were dry bones, dry bones, but You spoke life into our lungs
We were in mourning, mourning, but You poured out the oil of gladness
Lifted our sorrows, sorrows, so we will lift a shout of praise!

You are exalted, ever exalted
In the highest place, the highest place
We will proclaim You, ever proclaim You
As the highest name, no other name

© 2016 Chris Greenhalgh