Secure (2016) - LifeWorship

Secure (2016)

I will trust in the rock that is higher than I
Lift my eyes, see the Cornerstone
Through the fiercest of storms You are steadfast and sure
In Your shelter I will abide

I will hope in the one who has carried the weight
Every grief, every sin You bore
Through the sorrows I face may I contemplate this
You identify with them all

Christ my rock in the waves, in the questions and pain
Be my peace when fears assail
Christ my hope that endures, in You I’m secure
Be the light that guides my way

I will cling to Your Word, to Your promises firm
Sing Your praise when the lies invade
Every fear, every doubt, every thought be bowed down
To the Lordship of Jesus Christ

Lead me, lead me, lead me through the dark of night
Lead me, lead me in the path of life
Lead me, lead me, lead me through the dark of night
Lead me, lead me in the path of life
To the morning light

© 2016 Chris Greenhalgh